Learn how other revolutionary individuals changed the world during the lifetime of Herbert H. Dow. 
$10.00 fee per class. Registration Required, call 989.631.2677 for reservations. Classes will take place in The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Homestead, The Pines.

The world changed immensely during Herbert Dow’s life. He saw the invention of the automobile and airplanes. Communication sped up, uncharted parts of the world were explored, and industrialization changed the shape of the country. Join our Historian, Samantha Engel, to learn how other revolutionary individuals changed the world during Herbert Dow’s time.

Each month, a new individual will be featured based on a specific biography about his life. Program participants are welcome to pre-read the biography and participate in discussion or just attend and listen.


September 19 @7:00PM - The Naturalist Theodore Roosevelt: A Lifetime of Exploration, and the Triumph of American Natural History, Author: Darrin Lunde

October 24 @7:00PM - Through a Glass Darkly: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Quest to Solve the Greatest Mystery of All,  Authors: Stefan Becthel and Laurence Roy Stains

November 21 @7:00PM - The Wright Brothers, Author: David McCullough

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