Instructions for Using Dow Gardens’ Interactive Map on Mobile Devices

To view the map and your location on a mobile device from within the Gardens you must first enable locations services.  Please follow the steps below:

Android (Samsung): 
•    Pull your home screen down twice
•    Find the “Location” icon
•    Tap it to turn on location services
•    Agree to conditions, if asked

iOS (Apple devices):
•    From the home screen, find and tap the “Settings” icon
•    Tap the “Privacy” icon
•    Click the “Location Services” icon and ensure it is set to “On”
•    Scroll down and click on the “Safari Websites” logo
•    Allow location access “While Using the App”

You should now see a terms and conditions agreement which you will need to accept.  To view your location within Dow Gardens click on the compass icon on the toolbar or “Show Location” option in the menu.

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