Interact with thousands of brilliantly-colored butterflies, from around the world, in the tropical environment of the conservatory.   
Included with your regular admission to Dow Gardens or purchase of an annual admission card!
March 3 - April 16, 2017
10:00am - 4:00pm, daily!


This interactive exhibit features thousands of brilliantly-colored butterflies, from countries around the world, emerging from their chrysalis, feeding, and flying all within the tropical environment of The Dow Garden's conservatory. 

Saturday - Sunday


Open every weekend until 4pm! The craft barn will be open ALL week long, with fun activities and crafts for Spring Break April 3 thru April 9!


Viewing hours will extend (until 7:30PM on Wednesdays only) beginning March 15!
March 25, 2017
11:00am - 4:00pm


Artist Tim Drier will be creating glass butterflies right before your eyes! A select number will be available for purchase.
April 5, 2017
4:00pm - 5:00pm


Discover some of the many ways insects get around!  From jumping to crawling, and flying to swimming, insects move around in a variety of ways.  In this 1-hour class look closely at different leg types, learn the different wing styles, and find out how an insect so tiny can travel from one location to another so quickly.

$3.00 per person. Spots are limited. Call 989.631.2677 to register. 
Frequently Asked Questions
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Butterfly FAQ Display

+ When is the best time to see the butterflies?

Butterflies are available 10AM - 4PM all week long. They are the most active on warm, sunny, days. This is when you're the most likely to see them in flight. On cloudy, cooler days the butterflies are restful. You're more likely to see them resting on a visitor's palm or clustering with their own species. This is a wonderful photo opportunity!

+ At what time do you have the most butterflies?

The butterflies have been emerging for weeks at the time the exhibit opens. Chrysalis continue to arrive, and butterflies will emerge into the conservatory, throughout the length of the exhibit. Emergence varies.

+ What is the fee to enter the exhibit?

There is no additional charge to see the butterflies beyond the regular admission cost of the garden. Annual admission passes are available for $10.00 per person. Daily admission is $5.00 for adults. Kids 6-17 and students (with i.d.) are just $1.00. Kids (5 and under) are free.

+ What about those who might have trouble walking to the conservatory?

There is approximately a .25 mile walk to the conservatory from the entrance. A barrier free pathway is available (inquire at the front desk.) Please visit our accessibility page for information about the options available to guests with mobility issues.

+ Is photography permitted?

Photography is allowed and encouraged. Please be mindful of tripods and other equipment as some walkways are narrower than others.

+ Can I bring a stroller?

You are welcome to bring a stroller. Our butterflies love to rest on the floor. Therefore, for their safety we do ask that you leave your stroller in the designated stroller parking area, just outside of the exhibit building.

Get ready to experience butterflies from around the world during this special group tour! Butterflies will be emerging from their chrysalis and taking flight in the Conservatory. 
For school groups only. Maximum of 20-25 students per time slot, please.

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